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The Highest Quality Full Spectrum CBD

Sac Valley CBD is grown with no herbicides, pesticides or solvents and is organically grown in Southern Oregon. You get all of the full power and benefits of CBD in its natural and whole form. All of our CBD products are third-party lab tested to insure its purity & high quality.

This Months Featured CBD Products

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Sac Valley CBD Carries the Finest CBD Products made at the Lowest Prices

CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD. Marijuana contains both CBD & THC. THC has psychoactive effects, but CBD is different. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not change a person’s state of mind when he or she uses it. Hemp contains most of the CBD that people use medicinally. Hemp & marijuana come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but the two are very different.

Full Spectrum CBD refers to products that not only contain CBD, but also contains all the other plant molecules as well. Full Spectrum CBD Oil is minimally refined, leaving most of the cannabinoids & terpenes intact and by using the “whole plant” you are getting the full plant extract which provides more of the plant’s molecules as nature intended.

Wholesale/Bulk and Private Label CBD Manufactured Products

At Sac Valley CBD, we are committed to providing the highest quality CBD products for white label branding and distribution. Our products, made from the very finest, most carefully cultivated hemp, deliver the best that CBD has to offer.

Our team is committed to being ahead of the newest trends in the industry and providing the highest quality ingredients to your private label manufacturing facility so your brand stands out from the crowd.

We work with distributors and merchandisers of all varieties, from budding entrepreneurs with explosive ideas to celebrities, influencers, and businesses with an established brand, to provide solid products that live up to their customers’ expectations.

We Are Focused.

Sac Valley CBD is focused on Full Spectrum products because it has been proven in many circles that Full Spectrum CBD is a far better product than Isolate CBD Products. We understand that in some circumstances our clients are simply too unsure about using a product that contains minimum amounts of THC; therefore, we have created a Broad Spectrum product that contains ZERO THC. In creating this Broad Spectrum product, we have ensured that we have put back in as many of the cannabinoids as possible minus the THC.

Topical Salves

At Sac Valley CBD we can’t say enough great things about this Salve! Our Salve is an incredible combination of a CBD and essential oils that penetrates deeply to provide soothing relief for joint and muscle pain. This Salve can be used for; Pain, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation, and Skin Conditions. Available in 300, 500 & 1000mg CBD. 2 oz.

Pain Roll-On Gel

Roll the pain away with this powerful clear gel infused with CBD oil to soothe minor aches and joint pain. Our CBD Pain Roll-On Gel contains soothing menthol and utilizes Cryotherapy (cold therapy) for quick rapid penetration and relief for arthritis, sore muscles, back pain and strain from workouts.

Our 1500 mg. Freeze Roll On Gels are in a 90 ml. (3 oz.) and are THC Free. (Shipping weight 5 oz)


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